The Highlights of Greek Life at IU

It is no accident that 1 in 4 IU undergraduates finds their home in a greek organization on campus. Our members boast unique social experiences, incredibly high GPAs, and a deeper connection to the campus and local community.      Explore the supporting data and research below. 

Involvement in the Local Community

Greek students self-reported strong agreement with the statement “I feel like an important member of my local community” at statistically significant higher levels than non-Greek students.

Support from Faculty & Administrators

Fraternity and sorority members reported significantly higher levels of student interaction with faculty members.

Volunteer and Service

Fraternity and sorority members scored statistically significantly higher on “I often spend my time volunteering, mentoring, or doing other types of service work” when surveyed compared to non affiliated members.

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Nearly 80% of fraternity men report “good to excellent mental health and wellbeing”  and when members seek help, they are twice as likely to turn to a brother than anyone else.

Life Satisfaction

28% of Greek alumni rate their present lives a 10 on a 1-10 scale which is 22 percentage higher than the only 6% of non-affiliated alumni who would do the same.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fraternity and sorority members reported higher levels of interaction with people different from themselves than did other non affiliated students.